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08 8362 1022

Who we are

The Community Housing Council of South Australia (CHCSA) is the Peak Industry Body that represents community housing providers and other not-for-profit housing providers in South Australia.

We offer services to our members and provide information to individuals who are interested in accessing community based, affordable housing.

We share an aspiration for South Australia to be the most livable place in the nation, where everyone enjoys a high quality of life, regardless of income.

Underpinning this shared aspiration is a commitment to ensure a wide range of affordable homes catering for households with varying needs and income levels.

We want people to feel connected to their community and able to sustain their housing choice. For this aspiration to be met we need a diverse, healthy and growing community housing system.

The CHCSA provides a range of services and advocates on behalf of its members, however we are not a housing provider and do not own any property in our own right. For all housing enquiries, please refer individual housing providers.

For more detailed information about the Community Housing sector in South Australia, please download the Industry brochure or contact the CHCSA direct on +61 8 8362 1022.

Emergency Housing

The Community Housing Council of South Australia Inc (CHCSA) is the Peak Industry Body for housing providers.  We do not provide Emergency Housing.

Community housing is another social housing option but there is no guarantee of being housed.  There is no time frame that can be given as to when someone may be housed.  For further information or more immediate housing options, please consider the following contact details:

If you require emergency housing please contact Housing SA on 131 299 or follow the links under Emergency Contacts.

We want people to feel connected to their community and able to sustain their housing choice.

What we stand for

Our Vision

A community housing sector and industry network delivering leading-edge, affordable housing and landlord services in thriving neighbourhoods.

Our Purpose

We support the further growth of a strong, vibrant and sustainable South Australian community housing industry.

Our Values

We believe in collaboration, respecting diversity, promoting excellence, sharing knowledge and acting with integrity.

Our Objectives

  • Grow industry capacity and strengthen sector coordination and collaboration
  • Promote information exchange through networking and leadership in innovation
  • Champion and expand the role of community housing providers operating in our state
  • Deepen and broaden the skills of the industry’s workforce, management and directors
  • Enhance CHCSA’s capability and professionalism so we can better support members and partners

Accelerated property transfer and housing reform supported by government
will generate significant economic and social benefits for SA.

What we do

What is Community Housing?

Community housing in South Australia provides safe, secure and affordable housing for people on low to medium incomes.  Typically this could include people earning as little as $417 – $653 a week. Without community housing, many of these people would be living in housing stress, which means they would be paying more than 30% of their income in rent and the basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, transport, medical care and education would simply become unaffordable.

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Who are our members?

We are a member driven community organisation that represents Community Housing Providers and Volunteer Member-Tenant Organisations, Preferred Growth Providers and other not-for-profit housing providers in South Australia.  These Community Housing Providers are not for profit organisations that supply rental housing at subsidised market rent to those most vulnerable in the community.  They are focused on providing a range of housing options for those experiencing housing difficulty.

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How Do We Help?

Today, more than thirty per cent of low-income households in South Australia are living in housing stress. We believe this is unacceptable and are committed to growing the industry and helping Community Housing Providers to increase the number of affordable homes available so we can change this situation for as many South Australians as possible.   To do this, we offer services to member organisations as well as providing information to individuals who are interested in accessing community based affordable housing.

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Residents feel more settled and included in their communities.

Why We Do It

We strive to lead and develop a successful community housing industry so that no South Australian lives in housing stress.

A Shared Vision

Community housing providers in South Australia have been delivering quality housing to low income and disadvantaged tenants since the 1980s.

Providers are driven by their determination to house people on low incomes or people with a particular disadvantage; these include people escaping domestic violence, refugees, Aboriginal people, people with a disability, people exiting the prison or justice system, single parents and young people.

This commitment is combined with a strong business ethos that ensures community-housing organisations are run efficiently and effectively, so they can reinvest in new dwellings or refurbish ageing houses.  All funds contribute to growing the number of community houses or improving the quality of housing for existing tenants.

Why is it Important?

A successful community housing industry allows providers to develop more affordable housing options for those who are most vulnerable in our community so they can enjoy stable, independent, and productive, socially connected lives.

Benefits for Members

The Community Housing Council of South Australia Inc. (CHCSA) provides a representative voice to advocate on behalf of the industry, our members and those most vulnerable in our community.

Community Housing providers in SA have been delivering quality housing
to low income and disadvantaged tenants since the 1980’s.


The Community Housing Council of South Australia supports and advocates on behalf of it’s members and stakeholders to deliver safe, secure and affordable homes for vulnerable South Australians.   Keep up to date with our news, activities and events as we work towards our shared aspirations for the sector.

CHCSA acknowledges the support of:

CHCSA acknowledges traditional owners of country throughout South Australia, and recognises the continuing connection to lands, waters and communities. We pay our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and to elders both past and present.