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What The CHCSA Does

Policy Development

The CHCSA researches matters that could affect the future of Community Housing by:

  • Policy development about Community Housing at all levels of government.
  • Interpretation of and advice on Acts, Policies & Procedures to members where appropriate.
  • Membership of key government or sector committees and reference groups.
  • Attendance at seminars, conferences and building on linkages & networks.
  • Sector and policy consultations with members.
  • Promoting and advocating for policy development and inclusions.



As the Peak Industry Body, the CHCSA ensures the needs and views of its members are presented to the Commonwealth, State and Local Governments.  This includes:

  • Representation on boards, committees and advisory bodies.
  • Advocacy to MPs, the Minister and Local Government.
  • Sector consultations on major issues i.e. policy changes about Community Housing.
  • Representation to national bodies and national consultation.
  • State, national and community networks and links.  Umbrella memberships to some key specialist community support organisations for access by its members.
  • The structure of the CHCSA reflects the organisation’s commitment to member involvement.


General Services Provided

  • Provides information and referrals to inquiries made by the general public.
  • Delivers a broad range of member referrals, advice and support where appropriate.
  • Offers the use of CHCSA facilities and equipment at member rates.


Information and Resources

The CHCSA maintains frequent communication primarily with its members and the sector through:

  • Phone and regular email-outs to members and other not-for-profit housing providers.
  • A user friendly, up to date and relevant website which aims to provide easy access to information and resources.
  • Electronic based bulletins (E-Bulletin).
  • Special consultations and Policy Forums (as required).
  • Promoting the benefits of community housing through representation and information to the general public.