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Our Member Providers

Access 2 Place is an independent non-government charity primarily established to provide affordable housing for people living with disability.  We are an innovative, dynamic and pioneering organisation with a tenant focussed approach to disability housing.  Our intention is to lead, demonstrate and grow.

Access 2 Place aims to be a leading provider of housing for people living with disability and while adopting best practice in disability accommodation explore consumer driven options with flexible and innovative outcomes.

Access 2 Place has been designed to align with, and support, the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and individualised funding which underpins NDIS through the separation of tenancy management services from disability support services.

We are recognised as a South Australian Tier 2 Provider under the National Regulatory System Community Housing (NRSCH) and our focus is on the housing needs of our current and future tenants, their inclusion in the community and supporting their right in making self-directed decisions about life choices.

How We Make a Difference

Our Vision is that people living with disability have their right and opportunity to access affordable housing of their choice, creating a safe and stable foundation through which to thrive.

Our Mission is to provide innovative, choice based and affordable housing options. Our Organisational Values and Principles are to provide tenancy management services for people living with disability.

Currently many people living with disability have housing and support services from the same agency.  Our main focus is on the provision of housing and supporting sustainable tenancies.  This means our tenants can be secure in the knowledge that changing a disability support provider will not mean having to move to another home.


How We Have helped

The NRSCH aims to ensure a well-governed, well-managed and viable national community housing sector that meets the housing needs of tenants and provides assurance for government and investors.  A key purpose of the NRSCH is to improve tenant outcomes and protect vulnerable tenants.  Tenants can have confidence that their housing provider is meeting nationally consistent performance standards for service delivery.


As a Tier 2 Registered Housing Provider, Access 2 Place must:

  • Be fair, transparent and responsive in delivering housing assistance to tenants, residents and other clients.
  • Have suitable properties available at present and in the future.
  • Work in partnership with relevant organisations to promote community housing and to contribute to socially inclusive communities.
  • Be well-governed to support the aims and intended outcomes of our business.
  • Maintain high standards of probity relating to our business.
  • Manage our resources to achieve our intended business outcomes in a cost effective manner.
  • Be financially viable at all times.

Amelie Housing (formerly Frederic Ozanam Housing Association) was established in 1984 by the St Vincent de Paul Society and has over 25 years’ experience in specialist tenancy management.  We are a Tier 2 housing provider within an office in Franklin Street Adelaide and at Loveday Street Goolwa.

The association works in partnership with the St Vincent de Paul Society, Catholic Church and other community service providers, charities and all levels of government to provide appropriate, secure, affordable rental housing in South Australia to community members in housing stress.

How We Make a Difference

We provide long term affordable and appropriate housing to people who come from low income families, singles, migrants, refugees, aged, single parent families, people with a disability, the homeless and those at risk of homelessness and young people.

The Frederic Ozanam Housing Association is committed to the provision of affordable housing and the portfolio covers a broad range of housing from one-bedroom units to freestanding family homes.  Geographically houses are located from Elizabeth to Goolwa.  The properties are well located close to community hubs, public transport and other community services and designed to support independent living.


How We Have Helped

The Association provides affordable housing to a range of disadvantaged South Australians.  This includes people who are homeless, disadvantaged and in housing stress.  Families and individuals benefit from the long-term stability that the Frederic Ozanam Housing Association can provide.

AnglicareSA Housing Ltd is committed to the provision of social and affordable housing, in the interest of equitable access and community inclusion for vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals and families or people on low and moderate incomes.

We are a very large community service organisation with a history of service provision to Adelaide families going back to 1860, and currently employ about 1,700 people.

AnglicareSA Housing Limited is the registered proprietor of all social and community housing properties owned by AnglicareSA Ltd. and AnglicareSA Housing Limited.  AnglicareSA Housing Limited is registered as a Tier 1 CHP under the Community Housing Providers (National Law) (South Australia) Act 2013.

With a portfolio of over 1150 properties, spread over a large geographical area from Kapunda to Aldinga, our properties provide security in tenancy and the opportunity to create communities where individuals are valued and support each other.

AnglicareSA Housing practices and aspirations are underpinned and reflected in the organisation’s values and vision of ‘justice, respect and fullness of life for all’.

We have an exemplary history of engaging with and supporting tenants.  The core focus of our organisation is improving outcomes and well-being for vulnerable individuals and families, particularly those with high needs.

AnglicareSA Housings Service Model is holistic; tenant focussed and addresses our tenant’s needs in regard to:

  • Tenancy support
  • Social support and
  • Community connections

How We Make a Difference

AnglicareSA Housing is more than just bricks and mortar – it’s a home, with support to maintain the home and tenancy and encouragement to become an active member of the local community. AnglicareSA Housing provides a range of housing options for vulnerable people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

We believe that safe and secure housing is a fundamental and basic need of every individual, it is an essential foundation required before attention can be focused on other needs. AnglicareSA Housing seeks to provide access to safe and secure housing to those in our community. It delivers its charter on services to communities by utilising and applying recognised property and tenancy management service standards and governance practices. AnglicareSA Housing facilitates a support and capacity building role by developing partnerships and links to other social and community based services and agencies and performs an advocacy role on behalf of the communities it serves.



How We Have helped

Mr and Mrs A and their 3 children arrived in Australia in 2012 as Humanitarian Refugees.  Initially housed in short term accommodation as part of this program, they were able to transition into Community Housing in 2013.  The property they moved into provided the family with stable housing until they were able to move into home ownership in 2016.

The Better Places, Stronger Communities (BPSC) team have been overwhelmed with positive feedback from tenants in their first few months of a new management transfer. AnglicareSA Housing took over management of 479 properties from Housing SA at Elizabeth Grove and Elizabeth Vale in late October.

Anne-Marie called and complimented the Elizabeth Grove BPSC staff both on their telephone manner and service provided. She advised that she feels very comfortable calling and feels very welcomed and supported by all staff.

Clive drove specifically to the Elizabeth Grove office to express how “very, very, very happy” he is with his dealings with AnglicareSA Housing staff thus far and leading up to the transition date. He also wanted to express extreme satisfaction with his recent experience reporting maintenance, and our proactive response

Public housing transfer creating vibrant and safe communities

  AnglicareSA is a leading not for profit community housing provider. In early 2014, the State Government announced an initial release of nearly 1,100 properties through the Better Places Stronger Communities (BPSC) initiative. As part of the release, AnglicareSA successfully bid for the management of 479 dwellings in Elizabeth Grove/Elizabeth Vale. ANGLICARESA Housing

Common Equity Housing S.A. (CEHSA) commenced operating in 2012 with the support and backing of Housing SA and the CHCSA to help small co-operatives and associations through management assistance in a climate of increased compliance.

As a Member focussed not-for-profit organisation CEHSA provides administrative and regulatory support to small community housing co-operatives and associations (CHP’s) for the benefit of their tenants.  CEHSA advocates for the protection and growth of the co-operative and community housing sector and we do this by:

  • Providing professional administrative services and support to our members;
  • Assisting members with compliance and regulatory requirements;
  • Enabling members to retain their identity and autonomy in daily operations;
  • Providing a central contact point for members and other housing sector bodies.

CEHSA uses its resources to provide better services to its Member Organisations.  By offering flexibility, CEHSA negotiates with each new Member Organisations to undertake what best suits both parties and collectively this all adds up to a heavily reduced workload.

There are a variety of reasons why or when a CHP will first make an enquiry with CEHSA.  Some common examples include an ageing co-operative membership, not understanding the NRS, new financial concerns with the Fixed Payment, or lack of participation.

When invited, CEHSA meets with the CHP Board or Committee and explains in greater detail the benefits and steps in joining CEHSA.  Security of tenure, maintenance, rents and the legal entity of your CHP are important answers to questions.

A CHP will continue operating with tenants and their own rules as a small Association or Co-operative incorporated in S.A, but could have no effective funding agreement and may not be registered as a Tier 3 provider.

CEHSA successfully registered as a Tier 3 CHP in June 2015.  From this date, Members of CEHSA participate in CEHSA’s NRS registration.

How We Make a Difference

CEHSA stands for the independence of small CHP’s in South Australia.

CEHSA’s Member Organisations are able to retain their autonomy and key decision making in the core operations of their co-operative or association.  CHP’s can therefore retain their own ‘rules and policies’ and will continue to maintain their own tenant membership and select new tenants.

Joining CEHSA is a decision for all tenants of a CHP.  Everyone needs to be satisfied it is the correct step forward and special resolutions are required to facilitate the process.

Tenant security of tenure is unaltered.  In fact, little or no change occurs from a tenants’ perspective when joining CEHSA.  The workload within a CHP will be heavily reduced as administrative reporting is either reduced or completed by CEHSA.

Less hard work and less government intervention are primary outcomes for a Committee.

Each Member Organisation of CEHSA remains autonomous and operational as an incorporated body.

Community Housing Limited (CHL) is a not for profit company delivering housing for vulnerable and low to moderate income people who are unable to secure long-term affordable housing in the market.

CHL originated in Australia in 1993 and has since spread its operations to South Asia, South-East Asia and South America.  CHL is committed to providing good-quality, affordable and sustainable housing in regions of the world where there is a dire need.

CHL has over 6,000 properties under rental management in Australia across six States including Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania.

CHL currently manages 198 properties in South Australian in a range of transitional and long term housing programs including for the SA government and on behalf of private owners.

Internationally; in Timor Leste, Chile, Papua New Guinea, Peru and India, CHL aims to assist those who are disadvantaged by market failure by securing a pathway to stable housing.  We recognise that long-term rental and home ownership is one of the means by which the poor can escape from poverty.

How We Make a Difference

Our Vision is ‘A WORLD WITHOUT HOUSING POVERTY’.  We want to be known as a housing provider that is working tirelessly towards the provision of affordable and sustainable housing for low to moderate-income people in metropolitan and regional Australia.  People who are in highest housing need and/or have been disadvantaged by market failure on the path to securing long-term rental or home ownership.

CHL is focused on developing housing options for those experiencing housing difficulty.  We are continuously improving our service delivery to tenants so they can enjoy stable lives, raise families, engage in employment or study, and generally have enough to live on so they are able to live adequately day-to-day.

We at CHL recognise that having a stable roof over one’s head that is affordable, is a first step towards living a steady and fulfilling life.


How We Have Helped

CHL’s success in delivering positive outcomes for tenants and building stronger communities is only possible by working collaboratively with our many partner agencies.  CHL currently has a range of formal and informal partnerships in place.  In particular CHL has a strong partnership with NEAMI who delivers community mental health services and with Uniting Care Wesley Port Adelaide who provides aboriginal support services for our ERA programs.

Our programs include:

  • 50 affordable housing (NRAS) dwellings for tenants who meet eligibility criteria associated with “housing stress”.
  • 27 dwellings for clients who experience mental illness and require support from time to time from NEAMI, one of our partner organisations.
  • 9 properties as part of the Employment Related Accommodation Program to support Aboriginal people to relocate from remote lands to metropolitan Adelaide for education, training or employment.
  • 14 properties in the SA government debentured program for tenants who meet the broad criteria associated with general disadvantage.
  • 5 supported housing properties under the NBESP program where tenants are supported by specialist services such as disability or exiting prison.
  • 93 dwellings built under the NRAS scheme and managed on behalf of private landlords at affordable rents (80% of market rent).  We call this our NEJV program.
  • We also will  be managing the B Apartments at Bowden under a Rent-then-buy program once construction is completed in 2017.

Our partnership agreements vary in type and nature but generally CHL provides or manages the housing in which the partner agency provides the support for varying client needs or programs.

Our properties are located in various suburbs in the metropolitan area including:

  • Parafield Gardens, Blakeview and Salisbury in the north
  • Largs North, Woodville, Seaton, Seacombe Gardens and St Clair in the north-west
  • Windsor Gardens, Magill, Para Hills, Marden and Hectorville in the north-east
  • Parkholme, Murray Bridge, Mount Barker, Goodwood and Christies Beach in the south and south-east

Cornerstone Housing Limited was established in 1992, formerly known as Lutheran Community Housing Support Unit.   We are providers of Community Housing and Affordable Housing and are approved participants of the NRAS (National Rental Affordability Scheme) program. We do this under the guidance of a skilled Board of Directors, an experienced and pioneering CEO and a strong management team.

Our purpose is to provide housing to people in need. This includes people who may be disadvantaged or marginalised. People, who could be considered vulnerable and other groups such as low-income earners, people facing homelessness, single parents and the elderly.

We are a Tier 1 Community Housing Provider in South Australian and we are a not-for-profit organisation with charity status.

How We Make a Difference

It is important for society to have a sector of housing dedicated to supporting and caring for those most in need. Community Housing plays a crucial role in this, and we exist for the benefit of such people. It is important to care about this sector because if we don’t, who will?

Our Vision is “For all people to know Jesus, and be integrated into the body of Christ through the vehicle of Christian-based Housing.” We believe this makes us unique as an organisation and gives an added incentive to serve our tenants from a holistic point of view.

As a Christian organisation, we also partner with a number of churches within our communities to support, engage and develop relationships with our tenants. We feel that this partnership adds a unique aspect to what we do at Cornerstone Housing.




How We Have helped

We recently had a success story about a long-term offender, with the support of Second Chances SA, which is an organisation dedicated to assisting prisoners. Our tenant came from prison, and he has recently progressed into full-time work. As a result he has successfully transitioned from Cornerstone Housing to a property in Mount Gambier and is now better located for his new employment. With the combined partnership of Cornerstone Housing and Second Chances SA, we have proudly achieved a fantastic outcome for the ongoing success of our tenant.

Housing Choices South Australia is part of the Housing Choices Australia Group; one of the nation’s largest and leading not-for-profit community housing organisations managing around 4,000 tenancies across Australia.

We provide safe, affordable housing for people who would otherwise struggle to find a home in the nation’s challenging private rental market.

HCSA works in partnership with our residents, support partners, community organisations and staff to create vibrant, resilient and inclusive neighbourhoods.

HCSA’s Common Ground Mellor Street building

How We Make a Difference

The Housing Choices Australia Group’s vision is for all people to be affordably housed in neighbourhoods that support their opportunities. We provide the foundation for people to increase their independence and build the best possible life.

This is often achieved through partnerships with other organisations and individuals.  Some of our local place-making activities include the Light Square City Playgroup and our Community Garden within The Joinery (a Conservation Council of SA-Natural Resources Management Board initiative).

The HCA Group’s tenancy management model places clients at the centre of services, providing them with an efficient accurate service responding to enquiries at the first contact point.   We have developed our own National Housing Service Standards enabling us to capture ‘best practice’ and support us to consistently provide service at this level.

Ensuring housing affordability, preventing housing stress and homelessness is not only important for individuals, but communities – socially and economically.

The HCA Group was part of Australia’s first public housing transfer through the Better Housing Futures Program in Tasmania and has recently celebrated its third anniversary managing more than 1,100 Housing Tasmania tenancies and properties.

An independent Social Return on Investment study based on the transfers to HCA in Tasmania forecasted we will deliver $62 million in additional value for stakeholders and the whole community over the 10-year contract period.


How We Have helped

The HCA Group manages around 4,000 tenancies across Victoria, Tasmania and SA with more than 86 per cent of our residents across the three jurisdictions satisfied with the services we deliver.

We recently included a social impact aspect to our independent Annual Resident Satisfaction Survey and asked residents to rate how housing and services provided by us contributed to their health and well-being.

Results showed that, since living in their HCA managed home:

  • 80 per cent of residents reported an improved sense of security and peace of mind;
  • Around three quarters reported an increased feeling of belonging to their community; and
  • About 60 per cent reported improved health and family relationships.
Lily, 3, enjoying Light Square City Playgroup an HCSA initiative delivered with support from the Department for Education and Child Development
Resident perceptions of the improved outcomes of living in their home

Inhousing SA (formerly Julia Farr Housing Association) is an innovative social enterprise specialising in providing quality housing for people living with disability.

Established in 1999 we manage a growing portfolio of accessible, affordable homes in metropolitan and regional South Australia for people living with a disability.  Our homes are ideally located to ensure people have a great place to live and are connected into their local community.

We are steadily growing in response to the increase in the number of people living with disability aspiring to move into their own contemporary accessible home.

We are a Tier 2 Specialist Provider under the National Regulatory System Community Housing and a participant in the Commonwealth Government’s National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS).

People living in a Julia Farr Housing Association house can use any personal support provider they or government may choose to arrange.

How We Make a Difference:

Julia Farr Housing Association is passionate about improving the life changes of people living with disability.  We believe that all people have the right to live in community with their family and friends, and to access affordable, accessible housing.

Our approach is grounded in the belief that good housing is paramount to people’s lives.  Our work is underpinned by the following values:

  • People living with disability are able to exercise personal authority (Personhood).  We look for opportunities for people living with disability and their families to exercise control over key decisions in their lives as they relate to their dwelling and tenancy.
  • People living with disability are active citizens in the life of the community (Citizenhood).  We focus on advancing and upholding housing designs and locations, which place people living with disability as valued members of community life alongside their non-disabled peers.
  • The capacity of people living with disability is enhanced, at the level of the individual, and the family and the community (Capacity Building).  We design dwelling features that enhance individuals’ capacity, reducing their reliance on external personal support.

Our practices are continually improved as we explore what it means to be a good social landlord in an environment where tenants often rely on a separate support provider entering their home to assist with daily living tasks.

How We Have Helped:

Julia Farr Housing Association designs, develops, constructs and manages purpose built housing located in community.  We work to improve the life chances of people living with disability by:

  • Renting and building homes that enhance individual’s mobility and functionality
  • Managing properties to ensure these properties continue to meet the changing mobility needs of our tenants
  • Re-tenant these dwellings that need specific property features so they can live independently.

To provide the best housing for our tenants, we:

  • Spend time with our tenants to understand what is important to them, and tailor their home to their individual needs
  • Explore ways to ensure our housing designs feature built-in adaptability
  • Self-impose limits on the number of people living within each house
  • Explore models of housing that ensure people are in their rightful position within our community.

Junction Australia is a trusted, independent provider of quality integrated community support and housing services that serve to strengthen lives and communities.  Together we; dynamically respond to identified need, encourage and support people to thrive and provide vibrant and inclusive places for people to connect.

Our unique services and innovative approaches aim to contribute to the well-being of children and the safety and effectiveness of families and relationships.  We empower and equip young people to live well in the community, provide safe places for people to meet, work, learn and play and provide affordable and appropriate places to call home.

Junction Australia leads the way in the delivery of affordable housing and community services in South Australia.  Our registered community housing provider, Junction and Women’s Housing Ltd is a national Tier 1 regulated entity managing over 1,700 homes across South Australia to people who are socially or economically disadvantaged, are homeless or at risk of homelessness including those experiencing domestic violence.

Junction Australia leads the way in the delivery of affordable housing and community services in South Australia.  Since 2009, we have successfully delivered residential development projects values at $32 million by partnering with government and the private sector.

How We Make a Difference

Junction Australia works collaboratively to strengthen lives and communities.  Our integrated service delivery approach creates a positive and sustainable social and economic impact.  Our quality housing, community development and social support services develop resilience and enhance connectedness.

Housing affordability is critical to economic development, social cohesion and sustainability.  The statistics around homelessness, child protection and domestic violence are alarming.

  • One in 200 people are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
  • Approximately 300 SA children are not able to access ‘family based’ care and are living in 24/7 residential care.
  • One woman is killed every week as a result of Domestic Violence.
  • One child is killed every fortnight as a result of Family Violence.

Junction Australia has always responded to the needs of the community and focuses on early intervention and prevention.  As a society, we cannot let this continue and it is our obligation to ensure our family, friends and community have the opportunity to feel safe and experience good health and wellbeing.

We have a long term connection to South Australian communities that provides opportunities for individual outcomes as well as fostering connectedness.  Established in 1979, we now have 200 staff working across 33 local government areas, delivering 32 integrated services that positively impact the lives of 6500 people each year.


How We Have helped:

Helen’s Story

Helen experienced years of financial, emotional and physical abuse from her then husband when she made the brave decision to reach out for help. She made the courageous decision to leave her partner, even though she was pregnant and just a few weeks shy of giving birth. Helen was in a great deal of debt as a result of this abuse and she also discovered there was no money in their bank accounts.

Helen had no possessions and was supported by a specialised Domestic Violence service. Through that pathway she found suitable and stable accommodation through Junction Australia.

With Helen’s persistence, some time later she paid off the multiple debts her husband had accrued in her name and has recently signed off on a loan agreement for her own home.

Helen achieved this through hard work, assistance from a network of family and friends and support agencies. Helen was grateful to everyone who supported her and said that she loved living in the home Junction Australia provided, but it was also time to move on.

We at Junction Australia are proud to have made a positive contribution to Helen’s journey in life and wish her well as she continues on her path.


If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault or domestic or family violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732. In an emergency, call 000. You can also visit the 1800RESPECT website.

Salvation Army Housing is the housing arm of The Salvation Army; a well-known international Christian organisation.  We are one of Australia’s largest community welfare and support services providers to disadvantaged people.  Salvation Army Housing now operates Australia wide and manages around 1500 properties.

SAH are a not-for-profit organisation that provides homes for individuals and families on low incomes and those with specific support needs.  We are governed by a skills based board and professionally managed by a dedicated team of staff.

We believe in Human Dignity, Justice, Hope, Compassion and Community.


How We Make a Difference:

Our mission is to assist individuals experiencing social disadvantage, and to establish and maintain safe, affordable, secure tenancies throughout the management of a range of high quality housing options.


How We Have Helped:

SAH principles reflect the mission values of The Salvation Army; Transforming Lives and Caring for People.  We strive to:

  • Be recognised as the leader in service provision quality
  • Achieve substantial growth in the number of properties provided
  • Establish the company on a sound financial base with capacity for growth
  • Build the capacity of the company for high achievement
  • Create a positive and productive workplace.

Last financial year we housed 50 new individuals and families into housing.

SYP Community Housing Association Inc provides quality affordable housing for the over 55s on low income and with health issues.  The focus is on provision of low maintenance self-contained accommodation for older people in our community who are still very independent and not quite ready to move into a nursing home/facility.

SYP Community Housing Association Inc (SYPCHA) was formed in 1976 as the ‘Minlaton District and Centenary Cottage Homes’ with a Board of Management from the Minlaton community.  Now our board also includes ilt at Minlaton, six at Ardrossan, six at Yorketown and a further 4 at Warooka.  In August 2012, completion of a further four units at Minlaton has enabled us to offer tenancy specifically for supported accommodation for Disability Services clients.


How We Make a Difference

SYP is a community based housing association managed by locals on the Southern Yorke Peninsula.  It is important for our locals, whether they were born here or have moved away to work and want to come back home to be with family and friends from days gone by.  Whatever the reason, we need to ensure that in the future there is always somewhere to come home to.  We believe this is very important for the latter years of someone’s life.

The Southern Yorke Peninsula Housing Association provides:

  • Quality accommodation for older people in the community managed by the community
  • Management that accommodates changing needs while maintaining quality and affordability
  • Safe and secure accommodation in line with current standards and needs
  • Respect for privacy and independence of tenants

How We Have Helped:

SYPCHA is a not-for-profit association and in June 2015 achieved Tier 3 Registration as a Community Housing Provider.  SYPCHA manages and maintains all of its properties in a timely manner and involves each tenant through a newsletter of updates and items of interest throughout the year.  The office door is always open to the tenants and their families and friends.  We give hope when it looks like there is none and we put smiles on peoples faces.  This simple gesture makes us extremely happy.

UnitingSA Housing (formerly Portway Housing Association) was established in 1984 and is currently a registered Tier 2 community housing provider in South Australia. We currently manage 361 properties working with a range of different programs and support services across Adelaide and Port Augusta. We currently have eight staff members and are based in Dale Street, Port Adelaide.

We provide long-term, affordable and appropriate housing to people on low-to-moderate incomes, particularly targeting families, young people, refugees and people with a mental health-related disability.

We work professionally and collaboratively to assist people to access housing and to maintain links with their communities and available support services. We endeavour to provide housing that contributes to the development of strong communities that incorporate social, economic and environmental sustainability.

In the last financial year, we housed 465 adults, 208 children and established 79 new tenancies.


How We Make a Difference

UnitingSA Housing targets some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community, providing them with a safe place to live and access to numerous community support networks. These people often struggle to gain accommodation through the private rental market and sometimes end up on the streets. By providing stable long-term housing, we enable our tenants to pursue more opportunities to secure future employment and give parents the opportunity to provide a safe and stable environment for their children to grow up in.

Our vision is to provide a compassionate, respectful and just community, in which all people participate, flourish and are able to access appropriate and affordable housing of their choice.

We respect and have compassion for all people and believe in the innate worth of every individual.  We seek to gain justice, particularly for those less advantaged in our society by being of service to others.



How We Have helped

The following tenant stories can be found in full in the Portway Housing 2014-15 Annual Report on the Uniting Care Wesley Port Adelaide website. Here is a brief summary.

Tenant A had his left leg amputated last year. He feared for the future – for himself and his three children. He was an existing Portway tenant, so when his two-storey accommodation became unsuitable, we worked with his occupational therapist to assess his new health and physical challenges and identified a new property for him and his family. This has allowed him to put all his efforts into rehabilitation. We have provided him with a fresh outlook on life and a more positive future. He says, “I’m thankful that Portway Housing was able to get me in here; to me it’s like I won the jackpot. This is a beautiful place here; I love the area. I have so much space and it’s close to everything I need.”

Tenant B has struggled with drug addiction and abusive relationships. Things came to a head for her when her daughter got pregnant and threatened to cut all ties if she did not do something. Portway helped her by initially providing a transitional housing property, which eventually led to an offer of long-term housing in another property. This helped her gain employment, and her children are now settled in school. She says, “Stability, structure and routine are so important for the whole family. I was so fortunate to get his house, and now I’m able to put up family photos on the walls for the first time in years.”

Unity Housing Company Ltd is an independent, not-for-profit, state-wide organisation that specialises in providing low-cost rental properties for families and individuals living on low to moderate incomes.

We are South Australia’s largest and most innovative provider of affordable and social housing, creating opportunities for people to live in sustainable housing of their choice.

Since the 1980s Unity has been dedicated to providing affordable and sustainable housing for people on low incomes and particularly those living with disabilities or experiencing homelessness.

Unity Housing seeks to build balanced and functional communities through its diverse housing portfolio of low income, affordable and high needs housing. It delivers a continuum of housing options including: a boarding house program; a community housing program; and an affordable housing portfolio.

Managing more than $500 million of housing with a staff of just over 70 operating out of five regional offices, Unity Housing has more than 1,800 properties.

Tenants remain at the core of all we do, and Unity Housing’s growth has been achieved in the context of delivering a responsive and professional service to the many vulnerable adults who are accommodated by Unity Housing each night.

Each night Unity Housing accommodates around 4,000 people across South Australia, with just under 900 of those living with a range of disabilities.

Attuned to the changing needs of people in communities around the state, and the needs of people living with a disability, everything we say and do is founded on our values and the belief that everyone has the right to live in homes they can afford in places they choose.

How We Make a Difference

All Unity Housing tenants can feel confident that they are well informed, welcomed, respected and supported.

Unity Housing has a long and strong history of providing housing to some of the most vulnerable people in communities, having built a reputation as a leader in the sector through continuous improvement, evidence-based practice and innovation.


How We Have helped

“Unity Housing has given me peace of mind and stability regarding a home and a place to live. My area is very safe and handy regarding my location to bus stops and shops. I love my home and suburb and am very grateful to Unity.” – Tenant

“As a result of housing with Unity I will be entering my final year of Bachelor in Early Education. The effect of achievement and involvement in my community have been most incredible complement to therapy and medical care. As a result, I feel very well. I can easily access university and amenities. I am very well served by buses. I have friendly neighbours, we look out for each other. God bless all at Unity.” – Tenant

Unity leads the state’s largest community housing finance deal

A new $50 million finance injection by Commonwealth Bank to South Australia’s largest community housing provider, Unity Housing, is being hailed as the largest such deal ever for community housing in the state and the start of a new scale model for social and affordable housing. Published in the Australian Financial Review and The Adelaide Advertiser, […]

Unity Housing and Bedford join forces

Unity is delighted to announce a new ground-breaking strategic partnership that will significantly improve the housing options and lives of South Australians with disability. Unity Housing and Bedford have signed a formal Alliance Agreement to work together in the delivery of housing, support, employment and training opportunities for people with a disability. This will involve the […]

Westside Housing is an award-winning housing service with a proud 30+ year history.  We started our life in Bowden and we have a large thriving community around this area. We also have homes stretching from Evanston in the north to Aldinga Beach in the south, and up to Mt Barker in the hills.

In more recent years, our housing stock has increased with Westside Housing currently managing in excess of 300 properties.

We are governed by an elected, skills based Board of Directors, independent of our day to day operations which are managed by the Chief Executive Officer and supported by our professional and dedicated staff.

The association works in partnership with many other agencies and organisations to provide appropriate, secure and affordable rental housing to South Australians living in housing stress. With plans for future developments and sustained growth, Westside Housing aims to be an integral part of Community Housing now and in the future.

How We Make a Difference

At Westside, we believe that affordable housing is a fundamental human right, and is an essential starting point for a strong and sustainable community.

We build and rent homes for people living on low-incomes; encourage being neighbourly and supporting local; share strengths and support helping in the community and value environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Our vision is;

A South Australian community that is appropriately housed and socially connected.


How We Have Helped

Westside Housing Association Inc is committed to a quality approach to service delivery, long term housing solutions and sustainable client outcomes as we continue to work for better housing to reduce homelessness.

YourPlace Housing Ltd is an independent, not for profit community housing organisation that specialises in the provision of low cost rental properties for individuals and families with disability or who experience difficulty accessing other forms of housing.

YourPlace Housing provides tenancy and property management services. We have properties throughout metropolitan Adelaide, with the majority located in the North and North Eastern suburbs.

YourPlace Housing commenced trading on 02/12/2019 and was established as a result of a merger between the Accessible Housing Association and the Intellectual Disability Accommodation Association.

YourPlace Housing manages a portfolio of 489 properties and is a registered Tier 2 community housing organisation. The portfolio includes a number of modified homes for people with mobility issues.

How We Make a Difference

YourPlace Housing has a staffing team committed to providing the most appropriate housing option to individuals and families.

YourPlace Housing works with a range of disability support organisations and the not for profit sector generally, to ensure that tenants are provided with co-ordinated tenancy/property management and support services.

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