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Registering For Housing

About Community Housing

Community housing is rental accommodation provided primarily to vulnerable low income households who are unable to maintain other forms of accommodation. You can register for public and community housing if you are eligible.  Most community housing providers give priority to households with the highest housing needs. Households with highest needs are offered housing ahead of other households.

Community housing is administered, maintained and managed by non-government organisations. There are two types of community housing providers:


1. Community Housing Providers

Previously called housing associations, community housing providers are run by independent skills based boards with strong links to their community. They provide housing for specific disadvantaged groups in the community. Vacancies in community housing are not high, so people should consider a range of options.

List of community housing providers

2. Volunteer Member-Tenant Managed Organisations

Previously called housing co-operatives, volunteer member-tenant managed community housing is administered, maintained and managed by members, who are usually tenants. This requires a commitment to volunteer up to 12 hours per week by member-tenants to make decisions and carry out all functions related to: governance, risk management, legal compliance, member and tenant selection, maintenance and property management, tenancy and rent management.

Vacancies in VMTM housing are limited, so people should consider a range of options.

List of VMTM Providers

Eligibility for Community Housing

You and anyone on your registration of interest form must:

  • Live in South Australia
  • Not own or part-own a home
  • Meet the income and asset eligibility limits

Multiple Household Groups

If your household has more than one household group – e.g. couple with a child and an elderly parent who is financially independent, both households must meet the basic eligibility criteria.

Before You Start

  • Get copies of proof of income and identity for everyone aged 16 and over who will register for housing.

Identify the areas you would be prepared to live in shown on these maps –

Community Housing Metropolitan Area Map

Community Housing Country Area Map

  • If you are registering interest in housing set aside for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, you must complete the confirmation of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent form.
  • Complete a permission to release information form if you want to give permission to a third party – eg child, partner, doctor, to speak to Housing SA about your registration on your behalf.

If you have special circumstances you want considered, include evidence of this.

To Register for Public & Community Housing:

  • Complete the Public and Community Housing Registration of Interest Form – Public & Community Housing
  • Ensure you tick the first box on the front page – “register for Public AND Community Housing”
  • Return the completed form with supporting documents to your local Housing SA office, click here to locate your nearest office

To Register for VMTM (Housing Co-operatives):

To learn more about Volunteer Member-Tenant Managed housing, you can download a VMTM Housing Registration Pack direct from the link below.

Email the Community Housing Council of South Australia or phone on 8362 1022 if you have any questions about the responsibilities of living in VMTM housing or registering your interest.

Alternative Rental Options

Shelter SA You Tube Videos – tips for finding a rental property

During 2016, Shelter SA produced several You Tube videos which showcase their work, provide useful guides, discuss current housing issues and contain other housing and homelessness information.  You can view all of their videos via this link:  Shelter SA Video Gallery.

One of their videos entitled “How to Find a Rental Home” is a helpful resource designed to assist people who are looking to rent; whether a first time tenant or someone who already rents but is looking to move.  They’ve also provided useful websites and links in the “Show More” drop down box on the You Tube site.  We invite you to watch the video and urge you to share with your networks too!   You can also download Shelter SA’s four simple guides to assist people who are wanting to rent or are in the rental market.  Each guide provides basic information and helpful tips.  The links below access each of the guides or you can visit the Shelter SA website at www.sheltersa.asn.au and click on the Publications tab for more information.

1.       Where to Look for a Rental Property
2.       Applying for a Rental Property
3.       How to be a Good Tenant
4.       How to Find a Share House

Catalyst Foundation

There are affordable options for seniors and other people with low income. Catalyst Foundation (formerly Seniors Information Service) is an inclusive, independent and charitable organisation seeking to improve the lives of all South Australians in the areas of Ageing, Disability, Lifestyle, Employment, Business and Learning. The Foundation publishes a Rental and Community Housing Directory containing a list of providers of accommodation options for seniors with low means. The directory can be downloaded here. It is also available in hard copy at no cost from their office at 149 Currie Street, Adelaide; if required it can be posted to clients.

Contact them on (08) 8168 8776 or at information@catalystfoundation.com.au.

Renting – Rights & Obligations:

Whether you are renting or managing a rental property, tenancy laws are in place to protect you.  Consumer and Business Services provides free advice and information about tenancy rights and obligations.  For More information on Renting Rights, visit Consumer and Business Services.

How to find a rental home

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