Acronym List

Acronym           Represents

ABN                    Australian Business Number

ABR                    Australian Business Register

ACC                    Adelaide City Council

ACOSS               Australian Council of Social Services

AFHO                Australian Federation of Homelessness Organisation

AGM                  Annual General Meeting

AHA                  Aboriginal Housing Authority

AHI                    Australasian Housing Institute

AHURI             Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute

AIA                    Associations’ Incorporation Act (1985)

AIHW               Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

ASU                  Australian Services Union

ATO                  Australian Taxation Office

BAS                  Business Activity Statement

CAP                  Crisis Accommodation Programme

CAPSA             Consumer Advocacy Programme of SA

CBB                  Community Business Bureau

CBT                  Competency Based Training

CEA                  Community Employer’s Association

CEHSA            Common Equity Housing South Australia

CEO                  Chief Executive Officer

CHCSA             Community Housing Council of SA

CHFA               Community Housing Federation of Australia

CHO                  Community Housing Organisations

CHP                  Community Housing Provider

CISA                Community Information Strategies Australia

COAG               Council of Australian Governments

COTA               Council of the Ageing

CRA                  Commonwealth Rent Assistance

CTS                   Community Tenancy Scheme

DCSI                 Department for Communities and Social Inclusion

DGR                 Deductible Gift Recipient

DIRC                Disability and Information Resource Centre

DSA                  Disability SA

DV                    Domestic Violence

EO                    Executive Officer

FaHCSIA        Dept of Families, Housing, Community Service and Indigenous Affairs (Commonwealth)

GST                 Goods and Services Tax

HIA                  Housing Industry Association

HMAC              Housing Ministers Advisory Council

HSA                  Housing SA

HSCC                Housing SA Contact Centre

ICH                   Introduction to Community Housing Course

ITEC                 Income Tax Exempt Charity

LGA                  Local Government Association

LGCHP            Local Government Community Housing Programme

MC                    Management Committee

MOU                Memorandum of Understanding

NAHA              National Affordable Housing Agreement

NATO               National Association of Tenants Organisation

NCHF               National Community Housing Forum

NESB               Non-English Speaking Background

NFP                  Not-For-Profit

NGO                 Non-Government Organisation

NRAS               National Rental Affordability Scheme

OCH                 Office for Community Housing

PAC                  Policy Advisory Committee

PAYG                Pay As You Go (tax system)

REI (SA)          Real Estate Institute of South Australia

RSA                  Renewal SA

RTA                  Residential Tenancies Act (1995)

RTB                  Residential Tenancies Branch

RTT                  Residential Tenancies Tribunal

SAAP                Supported Accommodation Assistance Programme

SACCH             South Australian Co-operative and Community Housing Act (1991)

SACOSS           South Australian Council of Social Services

SAHA               South Australian Housing Authority

SAHT               South Australian Housing Trust

SST                   Statewide Superannuation Trust

STS                   Supported Tenancy Scheme

SYC                  Service to Youth Council

TTAB               Trust Tenants’ Advisory Board

WIS                  Women’s Information Service

YACSA              Youth Affairs Council of South Australia