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CHCSA Publications

The Community Housing Council of SA will add various documents and publications to this page as they are produced.

Reconciliation Action Plan – January 2020 – January 2021 – Reflect

Community Housing Rent Policy and Procedures consultation – CHCSA Response

Review of the National Regulatory System (NRSCH) for Community Housing Discussion Paper – CHCSA Response

20-Year State Infrastructure Strategy Discussion Paper – CHCSA Response

NRSCH Data Review Recommendations Paper – CHCSA Response

Reconciliation Action Plans – Information Guide for CHPs

Working with tenants with a mental health issue – Resource Guide (as at May 2019)

Water and Sewerage Concessions – Information for CHPs and tenants (as at April 2019)

Review of Minimum Housing Standards – Community Housing Council of SA – Targeted Consultation Response

Tenant Complaints and Appeals – Information for Volunteer Member Tenant Managed Organisations – Fact Sheet (as at August 2018)

Tenant Complaints and Appeals – Information for Community Housing Providers – Fact Sheet (as at August 2018)

Community Housing Property Transaction Policy – CHCSA Consultation Response (July 2018)

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Framework Review Submission to the Department of Social Services (June 2018)

Housing Hub Article (from CHCSA E-Bulletin 09.2018 – May 2018)

Reducing Recidivism Through Supported Reintegration and Rehabilitation (Louise Kelly, OARS – January 2018)

Water and Sewerage Discounts – Information for CHPs (as at November 2017)

Community Housing Council of South Australia Public Policy Agenda – November 2017

Finding a Suitable Home for Older People at Risk of Homelessness in SA

CHCSA Strategy: 2017-2020 – Summary

Guide to Community Housing in South Australia

Community Housing – Public Enquiries Brochure

Productivity Commission Submission

Community Housing Submission on Smart Cities Plan 2016

Towards A National Housing Strategy

Maximising Growth Through Title Transfer

Affordable Housing Working Group Issues Paper (January 2016)

CHIA Response to Affordable Housing Working Group Paper (March 2016)

NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation Position Paper on Draft Pricing & Payments (January 2016)

Sector Response to NDISA Specialist Disability Accommodation Position Paper on Draft Pricing & Payments (April 2016) 

CHIA – Bringing the Sector Together Paper (July 2016)

Sector Response to NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation Framework (March 2016)

Volunteer Member-Tenant Managed Organisation – Registration Pack

Volunteer Member-Tenant Managed Organisation – Resource Guide